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House of Session Team

The team behind House of Session has been working in the industry for over a decade some of us over two… With a broad experience from the international market where we have built up an extensive portfolio of global brands.

Artists represented by House of Session, contribute to projects including advertising campaigns, editorial photo shoots and fashion shows also special designed workshops and events. The people is our heart and our pride. With a roll-call of world-class talent and a can-do ethos, we deliver a highly professional, personalized production service.


Maria Oldenstedt
President / Founder
Session Stylist / Make up artist

christrans-2-2Christian Nordenström
Sales Director / Project Manager

Aketrans-fixed2Åke Bjurström
Choreographer / Designer / In House Creator


Graphic Designer

Brent Hardgrave
Hairstylist / Platform Artist

Linn Stålberg
Art Director / Designer


Dawn Marie Carter

Lucaz Enigma
SFX / Make-up Artist / Prop Maker