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We are House of Session and We Love Every Second of it.

Sweden is a leading market for fashion, events and design and a great inspiration for people worldwide. At the same time Sweden is the largest exporter of pop music per capita in the world and the third largest overall (after the United States and Britain). Imagine if there was a place where you could assemble all this endless creative ambition and experience and create a platform that would look, sound and feel like no other.

We are happy to say that we are a collaboration that really should draw your attention. A unique concept that will make new things possible in a more inspiring and efficient way. Does this all sound intriguing?

House Of Session, a praised creative multiplatform based in Stockholm, all under the care and creative direction of the founder Maria Oldenstedt. Together with our partners we’re holding many of the leading and upcoming Swedish artists, stylists, art directors, music producers, photographers and directors that indisputably should attract other creative minds all over the world.

All in one house. The later wasn’t completely true. We’re opening up in Los Angeles in 2014 and do you really think we will stop there?